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Ali Liaquat


Ali has taken up position with the firm as Practice Manager and he bring with him a wide range of invaluable experience which has been acquired over decades through his work with Government, private & voluntary organisations.

He has substantial teaching and practical experience in the education sector in various fields including equality and diversity over the past 30 years. He gained invaluable experience and established a leading reputation working as a senior lecturer and being involved in the equal opportunities and Racial Equality sector advising institutions and industries in relation to Race Equality, immigration and UKBA practices and policies, with a particular emphasis on issues relating to home students, international students and stakeholders. He was instrumental in his role as President of the Further and Higher Education


He has worked closely with CBP(S) since its inception over 20 years ago and is currently the Vice President. An organisation that at policy level was instrumental in bringing the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal to sit in Scotland in 1997 and it has representation on Entry Clearance User Panel of UKBA Nationally.

Over the years he has acted as an advocate for his local and national community in relation to a wide variety of issues and since 2002 he has presided as Justice of The Peace in the Sheriffdom of South Strathclyde Dumfries and Galloway.

Given the wide range of experience and knowledge of different sectors and areas, Ali brings with him a wealth of experience and a unique ability to tackle issue with ease. His keen management abilities and business/ technical nuance ensures a high quality service.

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