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At LKW Solicitors, our experienced family law solicitors understand the complexities of divorce and separation proceedings. We are here to provide you with dedicated and trusted support throughout the legal process. Our team of professionals can provide expert advice and guidance from the initial consultation all the way through to dispute resolution. 

We deal with all aspects of family law ranging from domestic abuse protective orders, child abduction, custody or contact cases to implementing international judgements and dealing with to complex overseas financial claims on divorce proeedings.

Free Initial Consultation for Divorce & Separation Family Matters 

We offer a free initial consultation for all new Divorce & Separation Family Matters so that we can assess your individual situation and advise you on the best course of action for your case. During this meeting, we will discuss what you want and how best we can help you to achieve it. 

Personalised Support Throughout Your Case  

Every client is unique and we treat each case with a focused and tailored approach. For all our clients we work hard and ensure we provide bespoke and personalised support. We believe in making sure you understand your options and explain these clearly so you can understand and make informed decisions t throughout the entire process, so that all factors are considered when reaching an agreement or final settlement.

At LKW solicitors, we appreciate how important it is to protect both parties’ interests while ensuring they reach an appropriate outcome. Our experienced family law solicitors have vast experience in all types of family law, divorce and proceedings and can provide valuable advice at every step of the journey. 

Expert Advice on Financial Issues  in Family Law Matters

Financial issues are often a major element within divorce or separation cases, so it is essential that both parties have access to advice regarding financial assets, debts and other investments. At LKW Solicitors, our legal experts will review any financial documents including bank statements, credit accounts or mortgages to ensure these matters are addressed correctly during negotiations or mediation sessions between both parties. 

Comprehensive Legal Representation During Mediation  

Divorce or separation proceedings may involve lengthy negotiation sessions between both parties, requiring comprehensive legal representation during each session. Our team of family law specialists will be on hand to represent either party during mediation meetings providing them with expert legal advice throughout every stage of their case. We understand how difficult such meetings can be for our clients and aim to provide them with a comprehensive service from start to finish. 

 Dispute Resolution Services 

In some instances, disputes may arise between both parties which may require further resolution services offered by LKW solicitors including specialised arbitration services or court hearings if necessary. Our experienced family law specialists understand how important it is to resolve disputes as quickly as possible without any long-term implications affecting either party in the future, so they will work closely with their client’s best interests in mind at all times.  

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If you require advice regarding any aspect of divorce or separation proceedings including financial matters or dispute resolution services then please contact us today at LKW Solicitors where one of our experienced family law specialists will be more than happy to assist you further with your enquiry

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