Domestic Abuse & Protection Orders Solicitors in Glasgow 


Domestic Abuse & Protection Orders Solicitors in Glasgow 

Why Choose LKW Solicitors?

At LKW Solicitors, our priority is providing first-class legal advice and support for our clients. Our team of experienced family law solicitors are here to help you navigate the complex legal system surrounding domestic abuse and protection orders. 

We understand that this can be a difficult and sensitive topic to discuss, so you can rely on us to provide support throughout every step of your case. We will also offer a free initial consultation so you can begin to explore your options with no financial commitment.  

What Are Domestic Abuse & Protection Orders?  

Domestic abuse is an umbrella term for any form of controlling, coercive or violent behaviour within the home between partners or family members. This can include physical, verbal, psychological and sexual abuse as well as economic control.  

An interdict or non-harassment order is a legally binding order from a court to protect people from any further harm caused by an abuser. It usually includes various restrictions on the abuser's behaviour such as limiting their contact with the protected person or restricting them from entering certain areas. It is possible to apply for a protection order if you have been a victim of any kind of domestic abuse or harassment. 

What are Interdicts?

An interdict is similar to a non-harassment order but applies more generally rather than specifically to one individual or group. It could involve effective boundaries being put in place around property to stop people entering it without permission, or it could be used instead of an injunction if there has been no physical contact between two people but one person feels threatened or intimidated by another individual’s conduct towards them. 

Restricting Occupancy Rights: What are they?

An order restricting occupancy rights can prevent someone who owns or has a right to live in a property from being there. This will prevent someone who is abusive from living at the property even if they are the owner. It would also protect anyone else who has lived at the property before they left due to fear of harm (known as ‘permitted occupier’).

What Non-Harassment Orders?

Non-harassment orders are used when someone feels harassed, alarmed or distressed by another person’s conduct towards them – even if that person has never threatened violence against them directly. The order will prevent any further contact between two people (in person, via text messages etc.).  

 By working closely with our clients throughout their cases, our family law solicitors can provide expert advice on how best to handle difficult situations involving domestic abuse and protection orders. We aim to make sure that our clients feel supported throughout every step of their case; ensuring that their rights are protected under relevant laws and regulations in Scotland.

How Our Family Law Solicitors Can Help You 

Our team at LKW are highly experienced at handling cases involving domestic abuse and protection orders in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. We understand how daunting this process may seem and we want to make sure that you feel supported through every stage of the process. 

We provide important advice regarding your rights and will work alongside you to create an effective plan of action that best fits your individual needs and requirements. We will assess your case objectively, weigh up the pros and cons, and take into account all relevant facts, evidence and circumstances relating to your situation before offering impartial advice tailored specifically for you. 

In addition, we have strong connections with other organisations dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse such as Women’s Aid Scotland – meaning we can refer our clients if necessary when seeking additional help outside the realms of family law solicitors services in Glasgow. 

LKW Solicitors Specialise In: 

 - Applying for emergency interdicts/temporary protection orders; 

 - Defending applications from alleged abusers; 

 - Attending court hearings in regards to interdicts/protection orders;

 - Negotiating settlements between parties involved in these types of cases;

 - Making mediation recommendations; 

 - Drafting agreements following court hearings where appropriate;  

 - Assistance during family proceedings related to domestic violence matters;  

 - Representing clients during divorce proceedings which involve allegations against either spouse due to domestic abuse incidents previously reported;  

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 Contact us today at LKW Solicitors if you’re looking for expert legal advice on any matter related to domestic abuse or protection orders in Glasgow – whether it’s defending yourself against false accusations made by another party or applying for an emergency interdict/protection order yourself due to fear over personal safety concerns, our team are always available for guidance. Start off with a free initial consultation where one of our experienced solicitors will answer any questions you have about making steps towards taking back control over your life.

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