Financial Support Matters, Civil Partnership & Marriage Dissolution


Financial Support Matters, Civil Partnership & Marriage Dissolution

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable family law solicitor to help you with financial support matters or civil partnership/marriage dissolution? Look no further than LKW solicitors; we offer comprehensive legal services for these issues. With our team of dedicated professionals, we can provide you with the best advice and guidance throughout your case.

Free Initial Consultation 

At LKW Solicitors, we understand that dealing with such sensitive matters can be extremely difficult. That's why we offer all of our new clients a free initial consultation, so they can discuss their individual circumstances in detail and receive professional advice tailored to their particular situation. During the consultation process, our solicitors will assess each client’s individual needs and provide clear guidance on the best course of action. 

Comprehensive Legal Services 

At lkw solicitors, we offer a wide range of legal services for those dealing with financial support matters or civil partnership dissolutions. Our services include: 

 - Representing clients during negotiations or court proceedings; 

 - Assisting clients in filing paperwork correctly;  

 - Providing detailed analysis of assets such as property and investments;  

 - Negotiating settlements;  

- Investigating assets whether in Scotland or abroad;

- Drafting detailed Minute of Agreements;

Whatever your individual circumstances may be, our experienced family law specialists can provide sound legal advice tailored to your specific needs. 

Legal Advice on Financial Support Matters & Civil Partnership/Marriage Dissolution 

Our solicitors have vast experience in dealing with financial support matters and civil partnership/marriage dissolutions. When it comes to these areas of family law there are numerous considerations which must be taken into account including assets, debts, pensions and other investments which need to be discussed prior to any arrangement being made legally binding. In addition there may be issues relating to children from the relationship which must be agreed upon before any divorce or dissolution can proceed.  

 It is important that any agreements made reflect both parties' wishes whilst also taking into account their legal entitlements under Scots Law; this is where our solicitors come in - they will explain everything clearly and advise on what would be best for both parties involved. They will also ensure everything has been properly considered before making any arrangements legally binding as well as offering advice on how different provisions may affect either party depending on their individual circumstances.  

Working Towards an Amicable Settlement 

At LKW Solicitors, we believe in working towards amicable settlements wherever possible between parties involved in financial support matters or civil partnership dissolution proceedings - this helps minimise stress during the process as well as reducing costs incurred by both parties in attending court hearings should proceedings go that far. We understand that no two cases are ever the same and therefore tailor our services accordingly depending upon individual needs - this includes offering out-of-hours appointments for those who may not be available during standard business hours or who simply wish for greater discretion when discussing their situation with one of our experienced family law solicitors.  

 Our aim is always to ensure clients receive accurate advice regarding applicable laws surrounding these areas of family law; whilst at the same time protecting them from potential pitfalls which can occur during such proceedings through careful consideration of each case's unique requirements prior to making any agreements legally binding. This approach allows us to achieve outcomes which reflect both parties' wishes without risking either party's legal entitlements under Scots Law being overlooked or ignored due to lack of knowledge regarding relevant laws pertaining thereto – thus helping ensure a smoother resolution process overall.  

 Professional Guidance Throughout Your Case 

 When it comes to family law matters such as financial support or civil partnership dissolution, it’s important to seek expert legal guidance from experienced professionals. At LKW Solicitors, our team of dedicated lawyers will ensure that your rights are fully protected throughout your case while providing you with comprehensive legal advice every step of the way. So if you’re in need of reliable legal representation then contact us today for a free initial consultation and let us help you through this difficult time.

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