Prenuptial, Cohabitation and Separation Agreements in Glasgow


Prenuptial, Cohabitation and Separation Agreements in Glasgow

We understand that entering into a Prenuptial or Cohabitation Agreement or negotiating and signing a Separation Agreement is a big step, so at LKW Solicitors our experienced family law solicitors can help you navigate the complex legal process.

Professional and Experienced Advice 

At LKW Solicitors, we focus on helping couples who are entering into prenuptial, cohabitation agreements or negotiating matters for a Separation Agreement to ensure that their arrangements are legally binding and robust. They may relate to protecting pre-marital assets or financial matters and/or simply cover carefully negotiated care arrangements for children. Our experienced solicitor will provide clear, jargon-free advice on the law applicable to your circumstances and ensure that all issues affecting your rights and obligations are considered. 

What Does A Prenuptial Agreement Do? 

A prenuptial agreement sets out what should happen to assets in the event of separation or death. It gives each party a clear understanding of the assets held by each at the time of marriage and how assets acquired during the marriage will be divided upon separation or death. This can save significant time and costs during any subsequent proceedings. 

What Does A Cohabitation Agreement Do? 

Cohabitation agreements provide similar protection for unmarried couples living together, setting out what should happen if they decide to end their relationship or one partner dies. This provides clarity over who owns what property and assets, as well as giving both parties peace of mind about their respective financial security. 

How Can A Prenuptial Agreement Or Cohabitation Agreement Be Enforced? 

Prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements are legally binding documents that are written according to specific guidelines in order for them to be enforceable by Scottish courts should there be a dispute between parties later down the line. However, no matter how well crafted an agreement may be, it must meet certain criteria set out by Scots law in order for it to be enforced if challenged in court. At LKW solicitors, our professional team is highly knowledgeable about these criteria meaning that when drawing up or negotiating such documents on behalf of clients we fully understand what will make them legally binding should they ever need enforced in court at any time in the future.  

Expert Legal Guidance On All Matters Related To Prenuptial, Cohabitation and Separation Agreements in Glasgow  

Our highly experienced family law solicitors are committed to offering expert legal guidance on all matters related to prenuptial, cohabitation or separation agreements in Glasgow. We have extensive knowledge of Scottish family law legislation and an in-depth understanding of how these laws apply to marriage contracts, cohabiting contracts, partnerships, civil partnerships and more recently, same-sex marriages. Whatever your family structure, we can help and assist. With us, you can be assured that we will provide sound advice tailored specifically to your situation and keep you updated throughout all stages of your case.  

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